Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Little Escentric

Hello there lovelies.

I saw the Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 fragrance sometime last year, either on a blog or YouTube video and thought it sounded quite interesting then I kind of forgot about it. On a recent shopping trip I had it in mind to buy but it wasn’t set in stone that I would buy it. I noticed it in Liberty and decided to try it. 

It’s got one single ingredient (“iso E Super”) that makes it change its smell depending on who wears it creating a scent unique to that person. This is what drew me to it in the first place, having a scent that was unique to me sounded good. It doesn’t really have much of a scent when you smell it on its own, but when I wear it it’s quite strong, I only do a couple of squirts on my neck and I can smell it all day, I can never normally smell my own perfume on me, so it gets top points for lasting power. The smell is definitely unique, not like another perfume I’ve smelt. For me its quite a heavy woody musky smell which are scents I don’t usually like, I would normally go for light floral scents. In hindsight I should have sprayed it on myself and seen what it was like for the day instead of just buying it (lesson learned). I only got the 30ml travel size, which doesn’t come with a lid; this puzzles me because why would a travel bottle not have a lid?? I have to keep it in its box. Other people have said it smells nice like fabric conditioner and clean washing, now I don’t mind that but its hard to tell if people smell the same scent that I do and from reports from others it would appear that they don’t as no one has said it smells woody or musky. 

I like the concept of it creating scents unique to the person wearing it but I don’t really like what I smell on myself although it seems to be different to what others smell. There is another version of this fragrance called Escentric 01 which is apparently a bit lighter and I may give that a try but I will spray a tester at the start of the day and see how I feel about it after wearing it for a few hours then make my decision on whether to make a purchase or not. Although it is described as having warm musk and woody tones therefore I’m not sure if this will tickle my fancy either. I also know Molecule 01 can be layered with other scents which I haven’t tried yet so may see how it is after trying that. I don’t think it’s the best scent for me, especially for spring, which means a new fragrance purchase is on the cards very soon. If you like musky fragrances then I would recommend this product if you like lighter fragrances I would recommend trying it out before you buy it.

Have you ever used this perfume? What did you think? Have you got any suggestions for a nice spring perfume I could try?

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  1. Products that claim to adapt to each individual (that one "O Blush," Dior Lip Glow, etc) intrigue me... I guess because it obviously does change upon application but I'm also wary it might be just a gimmick? Anyways I think the idea of layering it with a perfume you already own & love sounds good!

    1. They intrigue me too, I find it strange that I smell a different smell to what others smell on me xx