Friday, 21 February 2014

Darling Diptyque

Hello there lovelies

There is nothing I like more of an evening than to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a few squares (oh ok an entire bar) of chocolate and to light a nice scented candle. There’s something quite opulent about the whole process, as the scented wax begins to melt and the room fills with a lovely aroma, it is my favourite way to relax.

I decided to splurge into the world of Diptyque and oh boy am I glad I did.
The joy I get when lighting these beauties is like nothing I’ve experienced before. They are the ultimate in candle luxury, the delightful aroma fills the room and lingers after the candle has been extinguished causing the pleasure to last. Price wise I think they’re not too bad for what they are and you can keep the elegant glass jars once all the wax has gone to put other treasures in. When I set out to buy these I originally thought I was going to go for Freesia (as I love the flowers) but after smelling it I wasn’t that enamoured with it so I had a sniff of them all and narrowed it down to Roses and Baies.

I decided to go for Baies as I thought it was more unusual. It’s a fruity scent, a mix of roses and blackcurrent which I think is what gives it its depth. It’s a hard smell to describe, quite unique. You can definitely identify the smell of roses and there’s a slightly heavier scent that runs alongside it that is obviously the red fruits (the woman in Liberty said blackcurrent) so you get the mix of the two but can also pick them out individually.

When I was in SpaceNK I smelt Mimosa and instantly knew I had to have it. I kept putting it down and picking it up, walking to another display stand then walking back to the Diptyque one, the sales women must have thought I was mad. Until eventually I said (out loud) I’m having it, then shoved it behind the till where I’d stashed the rest of my loot and carried on looking round the shop. Mimosa is a beautiful light floral scent that instantly transports you to sunnier climes and my favourite by far; I’m going to need to get this one in the full size. This is going to be even more stunning in spring when the evenings are lighter and warmer. I said in a previous post that it smells like The Body Shops Moringa range- it doesn’t, I think that was just my initial perception as that is another favourite scent that reminds me of spring/summer. Whenever I walk past it when its not lit I just can’t help but pick it up and inhale deeply to fill my nostrils with its beautiful smell. It is truly magnifique.

There are other Diptyque scents that I want to try, Roses is top of the list and I think it will be especially lovely in summer. I seem to like floral fruity scents rather than the heavier woody/herbal scents like ambre and patchouli. My love affair with Diptyque has begun and long may it continue, much to my bank balances despair.

What Diptyque scents do you love?

Until next time

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