Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Showers

Hello there lovelies

Today I thought I’d share with you my 5 favourite shower gels. I’m not really a bath person, I favour showers over baths, I very rarely have a bath, I love a good shower though I could spend hours in a steaming hot shower and I like a really good shower gel that leaves me feeling clean and fresh so here are my faves.

Nivea Sensitive Balance. I love the smell of this one with natural chamomile extract. It leaves skin with a lovely light fragrance and feeling really clean without feeling like it’s been stripped. It lathers up really nicely and the lather feels soft. It’s also a bargain price wise too.

Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream. Firstly I get this mainly because I think the name Treacle Moon is really cute. I usually get the raspberry kiss one but decided to try this one as its limited edition. It smells really sweet not like fresh strawberries but like strawberry flavour sweets, it lathers up nicely but the lather isn’t as soft as others but I still really like it. The raspberry one is a less sweet smell.

The Body Shop Moringa. This is my favourite scent from The Body Shop and I find it lasts on the skin too. It’s a really thick gel that leaves skin feeling really clean and refreshed. I love that I can follow it up using the body butter and body spray too.

Korres Bergamot Pear. I got this because I was looking for a pear scented shower gel as you don’t see pear fragranced things very often. Bergamot is one of my favourite scents and I thought it would be lovely teamed with fresh pears. I really like this, the bergamot is really refreshing and the pear isn’t artificial like apple scents can be it just adds a subtle fruitiness to it and tones down the bergamot. This is pricey at £8 bit it is so nice. I’ve recently purchased the fig flavour to try as it was on offer for buy one get one free which is a much better price.

Boots Extracts Cranberry. This is my absolute favourite but unfortunately you can only get this scent at Christmas. That’s why I always stock up around Christmas time and use it sparingly so it lasts. It’s a really thick gel that lathers up well and the lather is so soft and creamy and I love how it smells on my skin. Whenever I use this my husband will always comment on how nice I smell I just wish it was available all year round although there are other nice scents in the Boots Extracts range.

I’m not really one for luxury bath products as feel that the main purpose to washing is to get clean, it’s nice to have something that feels good and smells good too though isn’t it?

What bath/shower gels do you like? Are you a bath or a shower person?

Until next time


  1. I love the Nivea and Body Shop shower gels! I've never tried a Korres one before as they're so expensive.. I'm definitely more of a shower person

    Ellie xx |

    1. I can't wait to try The Body Shops raspberry collection, they're quite reasonably priced too. Korres is really expensive which is why I only use it once/twice a week, much better when it's buy one get one free xx

  2. I love the original source shower gels, they smell really strong and they are really refreshing to start the day.

    1. I got my husband the Original Source lime shower gel and that certainly wakes you up in the morning, the scent lasts on the skin too xx