Sunday, 13 April 2014

POTW 11 A Whiter Future

Hello there lovelies.

This weeks Pick Of The Week is the Colgate Max White One Optic. Yes I know toothpaste isn’t really the most exciting thing out there but I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks with surprising results. My mum was actually the one who recommended this to me and as it was on offer for half the price I thought why not. Now I’m a bit of a tea addict therefore I worry about my teeth becoming stained and they already are a bit stained on the backs and as I work in a job where a lot of smiling is required I like my teeth to look good. I’m always quite sceptical about whiting toothpastes, as I’ve never found one that has made a real noticeable difference- until now. This toothpaste has definitely helped make my teeth appear whiter, now I’m not talking Joey Essex white but naturally whiter and it’s even improved the staining on the backs of my teeth as a result of me loving tea more than it’s healthy to. This toothpaste has a grey-ish colour with blue specks in which does look a bit strange, not overly appealing, but once you start brushing it turns a brighter blue which adds to the whitening effect as blue makes teeth appear whiter. It has a refreshing minty taste that doesn’t blow your socks off and leaves teeth feeling like they’ve had a thoroughly good clean. I have sensitive teeth so don’t like the thought of using a whitening toothpaste with harsh abrasives as I wouldn’t want to damage the enamel, the flecks in this aren’t hard, they’re just softs flecks that sort of burst when brushing therefore adding more blue to enhance whiteness and I think this toothpaste actually works. It usually retails at around the £4.49 mark, which is quite a lot for toothpaste, but I think it’s worth it and worth trying if you can get it on offer.

What whitening toothpastes have you tried?

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  1. I actually tried this tooth paste a few weeks ago, and I was so surprised that it actually made my teeth a bit whiter even though it wasn't permanent!

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    1. I'm liking it so far. I think over time with continued use it would reduce any staining so I'm going to stick with it xx