Tuesday, 22 April 2014

This Works. Does it though?

Hello there lovelies

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really have any kind of problem sleeping but sometimes it can take a while for me to drift off if I haven’t had time to unwind properly. When I saw this duo from This Works I was curious to see if it actually lived up to the brand name, to call something this works is a bold statement so I wanted to find out if this actually does work.

When making my purchase I decided to go for the Deep Sleep Pillow Talk duo that contains a 75ml bottle of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and a 5ml roller ball bottle of Deep Sleep Stress Less. I wanted to try both these products but didn’t feel I needed the full size 10ml bottle of the Deep Sleep Stress Less so opted for the set of both with the smaller size. I’ve used the Stress Less a couple of times and it certainly clears the airways, it’s a bit like Vicks (but not so over powering in smell) and I imagine it will be great when you have a cold. It contains eucalyptus (which I think is the dominant smell) frankincense and lavender to aide breathing and promote a better nights sleep. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray contains lavender, vetivert and chamomile to create a relaxing atmosphere and induce sleep. I spritz this a couple of times on my pillow an hour or so before I go to bed and then the room smells of a lovely subtle lavender scent when you walk in. I don’t spray it immediately before I get into bed as I find it too strong and prefer it when it’s diffused a bit. It makes me feel more relaxed therefore able to drift off easier. For someone that doesn’t really like the smell of lavender this one is quite nice as it smells natural and isn’t strong like the artificial scent of lavender, it’s more like if you walk past a lavender bush than the horrible smell of a lavender scented air freshener. If I get home from work late and know I won’t have much time to unwind the first thing I do after changing into my pyjamas is spray this so it makes the room smell nice ready for bedtime. As I don’t suffer with any sleep problems it’s hard to tell if this works, it’s a nice product to have though and the Stress Less will certainly come in handy if I’m bunged up with a cold.

Have you ever tried any products from This Works? What do you do to unwind and help you sleep?

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  1. I've seen this reviewed before and heard its good. Its something I really need to try, I find it difficult to drift off sometimes too, xoxo.

    1. Worth trying as it creates a relaxing atmosphere. I just got it too try, I don't suffer with sleep problems but this does help to make me feel more relaxed xx