Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The difficult first post.

Hello there lovelies.

So here I am writing my first ever blog post. I’ll start with a bit about myself; I’m from a small village in England far far away from any Space NK store (which probably isn’t a bad thing). Although there’s always the internet- so no stopping me. I’m about 5’4”, size 6/8 and have red hair (unfortunately dyed, not natural- ssshhh) and it’s cut into a bob. I love everything to do with makeup, beauty, skincare etc although I’m not that big on hair care (blog post to follow).

I really enjoy reading peoples blogs and often think “oooh I’ve got that product” or “oooh I do that too” so I thought I’d try writing a blog for myself. Although I am a complete novice when it comes to blogging I’d like to give it a go. I am also the least technical person I know, therefore it takes me ages to work out how to do things computer related, I haven’t even updated my phone to ios7 yet (I know!!). It’s taken many hours of watching You Tube videos and Googling questions to get to this point (as a result Google and I are now on first name terms). Although I still have unanswered questions about the legal stuff surrounding blogging, ie, do I need permission if I mention another blog in mine? How do I change the font in the main body of a post without changing other parts? (apologies for the curly writing). And what does the fox actually say?

Plus having a blog is a really good way to keep tabs on what products I’ve used and liked. Don’t you find it annoying when you realise you haven’t repurchased something for a while but can’t remember why- was it that you didn’t like it, or haven’t got round to it, or just forgot that the thing even existed- FRUSTRATING. I doubt this blog will be all about beauty stuff, there’ll be some life stuff in here too and I’m looking forward to the experience, it keeps me out of mischief anyway.

Phew, there you go, that’s me and my first ever blog post done. Give yourself a thumbs up if you made it this far.

So how did you feel about your first blog post?

Until next time stay beauty-full xx

P.S. Please feel free to comment then I’ll know it’s working ok and please leave your blog link and instagram link as I love looking at other peoples blogs and instagrams. xx


  1. Hey lovely :) welcome to the blogging world!
    First post can be daunting I guess but hey you've done it now! So well done :), no stopping now! As far as first blog posts go I think you've done fine! I just wrote mine without a second thought haha. I wish I done as much research as you have. You'll be set up for future posts :) looking forward to what you have in store for future posts!


    1. Ah thankyou for your comment. It means alot that someone would take the time to read about lil ol' me then comment too. I've looked at your blog, it looks lovely, I'm just going to learn as I go along I suppose and hope for the best xx

    2. No problem :) i'm sure you'll be absolutely fine! xo

    3. Thankyou thats very kind of you. Now I've just got play the waiting game to see if anyone else other than you actually reads the thing xx

  2. Hi! I happend upon your blog through instagram. :) I too recently decided I'd like to try my hand at blogging. Good for you for giving it a go! Looking forward to reading your posts!


    1. Hi. I think I've managed to follow your blog too but I'm a tad challenged in the technical field so never know if I'm doing things right. I'm using blogging as a creative release and to stop me from getting bored while I'm having a career break.

  3. Hiya! Thanks for following me, glad you did - love your blog already! I only started blogging a few weeks ago too, so this is all very new to the both of us. How exciting!
    Looking forward to seeing more from you :) xxx


    1. Thankyou. I'm really enjoying it so far. Looking forward to seeing more from you too xx