Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The (No) hair care routine

Hello there lovelies.

You see the picture above, that’s it, my complete hair care routine. Not a lot to it is there? There is a reason to the lack of hair products in my bathroom and that is that I’m too scared to use them, yep, too scared! Again there is a reason for that; this may be a long post so get yourself comfy.

I’ve been getting my hair dyed red type colours for 4-5 years now and never had a problem, my hairdresser friend used to do it for me which was great as I got a substantial discount then when she was on maternity leave I went to another hairdressers that was recommended by another friend. I love my hairdresser, she’s great, and I always come out the salon really pleased with how my hair looks.

My fear of products all started after the second time of having my hair done by her. The next day my head started to itch. It started in the morning quite mild and I didn’t really notice, I just thought that maybe some of the colour hadn’t been washed out properly. The itching got more intense throughout the day and to make it worse I couldn’t scratch it, I was at a conference in a room full of people. It was like that advert where the woman has to duck under the table to have a good scratch, I couldn’t do that, I had to keep going to the toilet, the other people in the room must have thought I’d eaten something dodgy the night before the amount of times I got up. By the end of the day it felt like my scalp was on fire, I just wanted to get home and wash my hair. I was so upset as I thought I was having a reaction to the colour and wouldn’t be able to dye my hair anymore. It felt much better after a good scrub in the shower, then I worked out it wasn’t the colour at all; it was the products that had been used that had caused the reaction. I knew this because of the way my scalp itched; it was in lines around my head exactly the place a mousse type product had been used. I was so relieved that it wasn’t the colour but now I can’t bring myself to use any hair products through fear of experiencing the great scalp of fire again. My hairdresser knows not to use any products on me either, even though every time I go there she still picks the bottle up out of habit, at which point I leap out of my seat and shout “No products” causing everybody in the salon to jump, it could be fatal one day, scissors and heads in close proximity. Anyway I’ve never had anymore reactions but I’ve never used any other hair products even though I think my hair would benefit from some heat defence spray I just can’t risk it.

Do you have a sensitive scalp? What products do you use? And have you ever had a bad reaction to colour or products?

Until next time stay beauty-full xx

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