Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Brush with Reality

Hello there lovelies.

So there are perks to having a BFF that’s a makeup artist (apart from the obvious, like getting to use her discounts). My best friend is a proper actual MUA who specialises in special fx make up for T.V. and film. When I need tips or advice she’s my go to gal. So I recently decided I wanted to try some new brushes (I usually use Real Techniques and Benefit) but didn’t want to pay out for new MAC brushes so I asked MissM what she recommends. I did say that I didn’t really need anything professional to which she replied, “Love, everybody needs professional makeup brushes”. OK I didn’t take much persuading, that was my excuse to invest (yes invest) in new brushes. She recommended Crown brushes to me as they are totally inexpensive and said she likes them and uses them quite a lot. It took me a while to decide on a few starter brushes, as I didn’t want to buy a set and not like them. I also had a 30% discount code so decided to take the plunge. I ordered 5 brushes as there was a minimum spend to qualify for the discount. I got the BK11 Angle Taklon Liner, IB137 Lip/Liner brush. C326 Pro Precision Smudger, C136-8 Oval Fluff and the C433 Pro Blending fluff brush. 

From left to right: BK11, IB137, C326, C136-8, C433.

Altogether they came to the grand total of £13.95, not bad for 5 brushes especially when I was considering MAC brushes. They arrived quickly and I couldn’t wait to get using them. I’m not so keen on the look of them apart from the one with Crown on it, but that’s from the pro range which is why I think it’s got the logo on. The others are just plain. As far as how well they work I think they are very good for the money. The angle liner is a bit bigger than I wanted and creates quite a thick line but application is smooth. The pro blending fluff is my favourite, very soft and excellent for blending, the precision smudger I use to line under my eyes and this is the perfect brush for that. I haven’t used the lipliner so much but will use it as an eyeliner brush instead and the oval fluff is good for applying all over eyelid colour. I can’t really fault these brushes for the price, if I was to buy more Crown brushes I would be getting ones from the pro range simply because I think they look smarter. I’d definitely recommend these brushes as a starting point or if you’re on a limited budget. I’m still lusting over a complete set of MAC brushes but until that day comes my current brush collection will do just nicely.

So have you ever used Crown Brushes? What brushes do you like using?

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  1. Awesome that your friends a MUA, so jealous!
    These brushes look great. I really love the angled one!
    You have a really cute blog btw :)

    BlueViolet Hearts

    1. Thankyou so much. Your blog looks great, think I've managed to follow it if I've done it right. I am very fortunate to know a pro in the makeup field. These brushes are really good, I'm quite impressed actually. xx