Friday, 7 February 2014

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Hello there lovelies.

Pictured above are 3 offenders of a very serious crime- non-transparent packaging.

Today I’m going be looking at packaging and how frustrating it is when you cant see if your running low on a product. Now I don’t know if you’re like me in that I like to have my replacement product lined up ready to use for when the one I’m currently using runs out. But how do you know when its about to run out without it being in transparent packaging? I don’t know either, I have to guess when it’s running low then I have the problem of I’ve either bought the replacement too early and its waiting around ages to be used or I leave it too late and I have to go without for a couple of days until I get to the shops or an order arrives. 

My suggestion would be just to put stuff in transparent packing so users of it can see when it’s running low. Yves Saint Laurent radiant touch concealer (may absolute all time favourite concealer) is the worse for this, it just stops clicking, no indication its running out, it just stops, usually for me this will be after I’ve done one eye and I’m just about to do the other, why? It’s like it knows or something. For swish packaging like that I’d suggest a thin clear strip running down the side of it so you can see the product. It’s the same story for Boots No7 Instant Radiance concealer, with the same solution of a clear strip down the side of the tube. Origins Plantscription anti-aging concealer could just be packaged in a clear tube(like Collections tube) I doubt it would put buyers off and wouldn’t really change the look of the product. I even emailed Origins suggesting this; their email reply is pictured below. I don’t want them to think I was dissatisfied with the actual product, I like it so much that I don’t ever want to be without it which is why it would help if I could actually see when I was going to run out. Origins probably thought I was a right jobs-worth emailing them about packaging but its only because I never want to run out and I expect any further emails from me will probably go straight to trash (jokes?). I did mean to email back explaining I’m not dissatisfied with the product itself but never got round to it (whoops!). 

Although I’m not a packaging expert therefore I don’t know what changing/making packaging entails but to me this is something that’s so simple and could really help users of these products to judge when the need replacing or maybe it’s just me being extremely fussy and over-thinking this issue way too much.

So what would you think of transparent packaging? What products do you hate running out of?

Until next time stay beauty-full xx

P.S. I’d just like to add that I love all the products pictured.

Email from Origins


  1. The lasting perfection concealer tube is transparent, and when you get near the end and start swirling the applicator you can see there's not much left :/ xx

    1. I meant to say that the collection one was in there as an example of packaging you can see through and just realised I put 4 instead of 3, my mistake. Some amendments to be made I think :-). Thanks for pointing it out x