Monday, 10 February 2014

The Golden Oldies

Hello there lovelies.

Ok so it looks like I like to keep old empty used makeup, now I know I’m not the only one so own up. Remember any of these products?….

First up we have Benefits Dandelion, which I’m so glad hasn’t fallen victim to discontinuation. This has been around for years, and is still going strong (thankyou Benefit). I’ve been using this for years, I’m sure I used it on my wedding day almost 10 years ago (not the actual one pictured, my makeup doesn’t last that long). I love the pink pop of colour that it brings to my cheeks whilst remaining quite sheer, probably my most favourite Benefit product (I must like it to have been using it for around 10 years!).

Then there’s Benefits Thrrrob, Oh I loved this but I’m sure it’s been discontinued now, as I haven’t seen it around for a while. I wish they still did this and the closest I’ve found to the same kind of pink is a blush that I’m currently using which is The Body Shops blush in the shade bubblegum, although it’s quite a close colour match it doesn’t have the same staying power that Benefit does. I like quite pink cheeks in winter or summer, in winter it looks like you’ve been bitten by the cold and in summer gives a flush of girly pinkness to the cheeks. Just a shame this lovely powder is no longer available (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong).

Georgia, another lovely powder box of joy from Benefit that smelt of peaches, again discontinued years ago. I used to use a light dusting of this all over my face to give a nice peachy glow.

The Urban Decay palettes, I very rarely use these nowadays but can’t bring myself to get rid of them as you never know when you might need a bright pink eyeshadow like fishnet. The purple palette I think is called the chain mail palette, you get a nice selection of colours in there and because of the super pigmentation of Urban Decay eyeshadows a little goes a long way, hence why it looks hardly used. This Palette is no longer available, I’ve had this for absolute years. The wooden Urban Decay palette I think is called the sustainable bamboo palette but really can’t remember. This has more glittery shades in there, better for evening looks. I particularly liked the shade uzi to put over the top of others for a bit of sparkle. Although you do get quite a bit of fall out from these shadows and end up with glitter everywhere. Now I thought this had been discontinued but when I was walking past my local Urban Decay counter in January I’m sure I spied the same packaging but didn’t have time to stop and look at what it was so I can’t be sure it was that same palette, I may need to investigate further.

Chain Mail Palette

Bamboo Palette

So there you have it, old makeup and empty boxes that for some reason I insist on keeping hold of.

What products have you been using for years? What old makeup have you still got that you really should get rid of?

Until next time


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    1. Thanks for the tag, post will be up tomorrow. xx