Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nuxe Spring Pamper Wishlist

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So we a few sunny days in February which left me feeling particularly spring-y. It got me to thinking about how I can up the ante in the skincare department so throughout spring I can prepare my skin for summer (yes I know its only just March). After singing Nuxes praises in a previous post it’s got me lusting over more of their products. I just love the packaging of Nuxe products, just the fact that it has French writing on makes me feel more sophisticated. Even though I don’t speak French (which infuriates my dad as he speaks fluent French). The Nuxe website is so easy to navigate around too, I don’t know about you but I get so frustrated if a website is hard to find tings or if you press back it goes too far- grrrr! It’s also full of handy tips on how best to use products which helps when making your decision on what to buy.

So here’s my wishlist of some items that I think will help me achieve skin perfection.

Comforting Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals. This is a winner from the off for me just the thought of being able to cleanse my face with the scent of rose petals throughout spring sounds devine.

Créme Fraîche® de Beauté Mask. This just sounds delicious and claims to leave skin feling moisturised and soothed for 24 hours. As well as leaving eyes looking relaxed and rested which I think will make a huge difference to the appearance of my face.

Créme Fraîche® de Beauté Enrichie Dry Sensitive Skins. Another from the Créme Fraîche® range. This is a moisturising cream that claims to leave skin feeling fresh, supple and replumped, along with continuously moisturising and protecting the skin for 24 hours- exactly what I want from a moisturiser.

Nuxe BODY 24Hr Moisturising Body Lotion. This sounds great for me as I’m a bit lazy when it comes to body moisturisation, its my least favourite thing to do so having a product that claims to last for 24 hours is a must in my book. I can apply this in the morning and don’t have to think about again all day. Says it absorbs instantly which again is my type of product as I hate it when clothes stick to me and it claims to give a satin feel and soften skin- win.

Rêve de Miel® Hand and Nail Cream. I love the Rêve de Miel® lipbalm so I doubt this will disappoint. I have to wash my hands A LOT and they are often dry. I hate greasy feeling creams too so this one sounds ideal with its claims of being non greasy and relieving dry damaged hands. I don’t want to have pretty painted nails with haggered hands due to the battering they have taken over the winter months and if this has the same affect that the Rêve de Miel® lipbalm has on my lips then they’re in for a real treat.

Nuxe Travel Kit. I love this. This kit contains travel essentials for those weekends away and it's customs friendly in this neat little bag so if you're packing in a rush you can just grab this. You don’t have to waste time decanting your products into travel bottles and worry about how your going to remember what’s what without a label on it and an absolute bargain for the price. Its also ideal if you’ve never tried Nuxe before and want to trial a few things rather than buying the full size versions (something that I plan on doing) This is an absolute must have for me, excellent to have on standby for a quick getaway and plus how cute do these products look in miniature.

I doubt these products will remain on my wishlist for very long, they are already edging closer and closer to my virtual basket the more I think about them.

Nuxe are currently running a competition for bloggers details of which can be found here. Participants can win £250 worth of goodies (now that’s a lot of Nuxe luxury lovin’) so it’s totally worth entering.

What Nuxe products would you recommend in preparation for better weather? What’s on your Nuxe wishlist?

Comment below or tweet me @Beauty_full14 I love hearing from you.

*I'd just like to state that because this is a wishlist I don't own any of these products therefore the images of the products are not my own images but are the images found on the Nuxe website*

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