Monday, 3 March 2014

Total Wipeout

Hello there lovelies

So what is it with people hating on makeup wipes? I’m owning up to using makeup wipes, there I’ve said it. I use them everyday to take off the bulk of my base makeup otherwise I would go through my favourite Bioderma too quickly if I used that alone. I also use them in the morning when I’m putting makeup on to wipe foundation off my hands and if I get any on my lips and to wipe excess from my eyebrows. Now I understand that they contain all kinds of chemicals to preserve them and to dissolve makeup and grime from our faces but I think that as long as you wash your face after and don’t leave the residue left from them on your skin then I don’t see them as a bad thing. I use them before I do anything else and once I’ve removed the bulk of my makeup I go on to Bioderma, then face wash/ cleanser etc. I use all different wipes depending on where I shop when I need some more, I’m not that fussed which ones I use as long as they’re suitable for sensitive skin.

These Tesco facial cleansing wipes are fine at getting makeup off, they’re a bit rough so I try not to rub around my eyes with them but they don’t leave any noticeable residue on my skin and haven’t caused any irritation. They’re also really cheap at £1.05 for 25 wipes.

Morrisons ones are pretty much the same as the Tesco ones. I’m notsure that they cleans, refresh and moisturise like the packet claims but they are also cheap at £1.00 for 25 wipes. They’re a bit rough but remove makeup effectively and don’t irritate my sensitive skin.

The Niveas. I quite like both of these although the amount that the pink one is fragranced concerns me especially as they are meant for dry and sensitive skin. I’ve never had a problem with either of these wipes, they don’t leave any noticeable residue are quite soft and aren’t badly priced at around £3.00 for 25 wipes. They are quite often on offer in supermarkets too.

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Wipes. These are probably my favourite ones and the ones I would
chose to buy simply because they’re “age resisting” not that I think there’s much truth in that claim. These wipes are textured but also pretty soft and they feel like they remove more product from my face than the others. The typical simple fragrance free smell, no residue and no irritation. Slightly pricier at around £4.00 for 25 wipes, again quite often on offer.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Wipes. OMG these are extortionate at £7.00 for 30 wipes!! The only reason I got these was because I had a £5 skincare voucher for Boots so I only paid £2.00 for them which is an ok price. I would never pay that much for wipes in my life. I can’t say I think they’re any different from the others, quite soft, don’t irritate, fragrance free but I do notice a residue left behind by them although its not an unpleasant residue its pointless for me because I wash it straight off. Yes you get a whole 5 more wipes in a pack but at that price so you should. One thing I will give it is the packaging, I love that its got a hard close lid that clips closed rather than the others which is a sticker that ends up loosing its stick halfway through the packet.

All in all I think makeup wipes are ok to use as long as you wash your face after and I don’t see the harm in using them occasionally on they’re own for conveniences sake.

What’s your opinion of makeup wipes? Are they the root of all evil?

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  1. Woah that's a lot of facial wipes haha! I don't really mind using them but I never really use one up completely in one go so it's kind of a waste. But I love all the mini reviews you gave! X

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Thankyou. A couple of those are empty packets! I use them alot to touch up too so it's always handy to have a packet to hand xx

  2. I use those simple ones as well but I prefer theyre foam cleanser because my skins so dry X

    1. I used to use that and really liked it. Wipes are so easy as first step though xx

  3. I use Boots cucumber make up wipes pretty much every day (usually 3 packs for £3).
    I have no problems with make up wipes, they are quick & easy :)

    1. I like things with cucumber- very refreshing. Sometimes they're a bit too quick and easy xx