Sunday, 9 March 2014

POTW 6 The Need to Read

Hello there lovelies

Since finishing Uni last year I’ve been able to read books for pleasure again rather than having my head stuck in a textbook that needs to be read. I love to curl up on the sofa and totally immerse myself in a good book, I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm, and I like proper paper books, I refuse to give in and convert to iBooks.

This weeks POTW is the book Moon Over Soho, the second book in the PC Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. I finished the first book, Rivers of London, in January and couldn’t wait to get stuck into the second of the 4 books. If you’re not familiar with these books in a nutshell (PC) Peter Grant is fresh out of police training school when he discovers he has magical powers although they need a bit of tweaking under the guidance of his mentor DCI Nightingale, who is also a wizard, a very old and wise wizard. Together they look into cases where it is suspected that magic may have been used to commit crimes and they use their wizard powers to solve the crimes. I’m about halfway through this book and it’s so good. These books aren’t my usual choice of read, I would usually go for the typical “chick lit” type of book but I literally couldn’t put the first one down and the second is certainly as good as its predecessor. I love how they are set in parts of London that I’ve been to countless times and can really place myself in the scenes. It keeps you gripped from the off and I like how it follows on from the first book and refers back to it. Even though the story seems a bit far-fetched, a wizard police officer, it’s really believable as you’re reading it and got me thinking that the “Economic and Specialist Crime Unit” might actually exist. The characters are brilliant and its written in such an easy to read way that you can really place yourself in amongst the scene that your reading, as if you’re an extra watching things unfold from the side-lines. If you like crime books and Harry Potter I highly recommend you read these, I’m completely hooked on the PC Grant series already and can’t wait to see how the other stories pan out. I already have book 3, Whispers Underground, on standby to dive straight into as soon as I’ve finished this one.

Have you read the PC Grant series? What books do you love?

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  1. Having time to read books for pleasure - I've forgotten what that luxury is like haha! Can't wait to get into reading again.
    Lovely post, lovely blog :)
    Love from a new follower!
    Daniela xo // danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway

    1. Thankyou so much, I'm following your blog now. I've only just been able to read for pleasure again, you'll get there. xx

  2. I absolutely love these books. I've just finished reading the 4th one last week. I'm now hoping that there will be a 5th in the series...

    Rachael | Rachael Lucy - blog

    1. I can't wait to get on to the next one, they are so good. I've still got to buy the fourth one, when I went to buy it they only had hardback and my others are paperback. I just like them all the same because I'm weird like that xx

    2. I definitely feel you in that they all have to match! I've heard about these books a lot, so definitely think I'm going to have to give them a try! xx

      Most Ardently Alice

    3. They really are so good, I often find that I can't put it down, I tell myself one chapter and I'm still going after 3 chapters. xx