Wednesday, 7 May 2014

From Day to Night with Antipodes

Hello there lovelies

So this post was meant to go up yesterday but somebody may have forgot to hit the publish button which is why you’re getting it a day late.

Do you find that when you discover a skincare brand that you love you want to own the entire collection- well that’s me and how I feel about Antipodes. Ever since I first started using the amazing eye cream I knew I was on to a winner with the brand and have since purchased the Aura Manuka Honey Mask and Joyful Hand and Body Cream both of which I absolutely love. A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and make the (all be it expensive) purchase of the day and night cream in the hope that they would live up to the high expectations I had placed on them.

Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. This has a lovely light fragrance that smells like the Aura Manuka Honey Mask. It leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturised and like its natural ingredients are really benefiting my skin. Containing avocado oil for its antioxidant properties, manuka honey which has antibacterial properties and Vinanza Grape to keep skin healthy and energised its packed full of beneficial ingredients for your skin. It provides a lovely base for makeup without causing it move throughout the day. I don’t feel this cream would be suitable for those with oily skin but of you have normal to dry skin I think it could work well, I certainly enjoy using it.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream. In a nutshell I don’t like it, this makes me cry on the inside due to the fact that it's pretty expensive. I’m so disappointed that I don’t like it but I’m not disappointed in the product itself. The thing I don’t like about it is the smell. It’s fragranced with sandalwood, ylang ylang and patchouli all fragrances that I really don’t like. I find it smells really heavy and I wasn’t expecting it to be so strongly fragranced. I thought it would have a nice light fragrance being called avocado pear, which is more like the types of scents I like, I don’t like heavy herbal opulent scents, I like light floral fruity scents and this is definitely not in that category. It’s my own fault and I probably should have read the ingredients before buying- lesson learned. All is not lost though as the scent is right up my mum’s street and she’s chuffed that she’s going to be inheriting it. That’s all down to my personal preference. As for the product itself it’s most definitely nourishing, I don’t think it would suit oily skin as it’s extremely rich but if you suffer with dry skin I think it could work wonders. After applying it at night when I wake up in the morning I can still feel it on my skin, it leaves it feeling really moisturised and like its been well fed overnight. If this was fragrance free I’m sure I would love it, I just can’t get over the smell enough to continue using it. It’s purely my personal preference with regards to the smell, I would recommend trying a sample if you can before buying as it’s so expensive. I may be disappointed but my mum is one happy bunny.

So do you have any recommendations for a good night cream as I’m now on the hunt for a new one (insert wailing emoji)

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  1. The smell of a product is so important! I had a moisturizer once that I really liked, but the smell was way too's annoying! I wish everything just had a light nice smell, or had no smell at all. :)


    1. Soooo annoying especially when the product itself is actually quite nice. I prefer light fragrances or fragrance free too xx

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