Sunday, 4 May 2014

POTW 13 Scrubbing My Way To Summer Skin

Hello there lovelies

This weeks POTW is the Boots Extracts Cranberry Body Scrub. Now that we’re in May and summer is fast approaching (well hopefully) I thought it was about time I paid a bit more attention to the condition of my skin all over my body and in particular my legs. I’m always looking for products to help me achieve perfectly polished pins so that they look good when exposed in the warmer weather and I find one product that helps is a body scrub. I love this one from Boots mainly because of the smell but unfortunately it’s not available all year round but the almond one is very nice too. I find this one exfoliates really well removing dead skin cells without leaving skin feeling raw or looking red, the scrub particles are contained within a lovely soft rich cream that helps to buffer them some what so they aren’t too harsh. If it was my choice this would be a bit more dense with the particles as I find I have to use quite a lot of product to get a good covering all over but saying that it has definitely made a difference to the condition of my skin since I’ve been using it, I’ve really noticed it on my thighs, which has been the area I’ve been concentrating on, they are much softer and smoother and just generally look more “polished” glowy almost especially when a body butter is used afterwards. As I have to use so much of this it is definitely going to need repurchasing in the next couple of weeks but it’s a really good price for the quality of the product.

What body scrubs do recommend to achieve perfectly polished pins for summer exposure?

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  1. Sounds liike a nice product, I think I need to give it a go now :)

  2. I have a habit of never exfoliating my legs with a scrub, I just tend to use a tougher loofah and then moisturise well after!

    Kate | Beautiboe