Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

Hello there lovelies

As festival season is upon us I thought I’d share with you a few things that I couldn’t be without when being part of the festival experience. I love festivals the vibe is amazing and you get to see really great bands all in one place. It’s a tough job trying to pack though, the things you want to take might not be the things you absolutely need, these are the items that are guaranteed a place in my oversized back pack.

0.Pac a Mac. Thanks to the unpredictability of the great British weather some kind of protection from the rain is a must. You don’t care that its pouring with rain when your singing along to a really great band but once the set has finished and all that’s left is soggy paper cups and you in soggy clothes is not a great feeling (and your hair goes mental). Pac a macs are great as they fold really small and are contained in their own little pouch so fit easily into your handbag readily available should the heavens open.

1.Wellies. Because if it does rain there will be an abundance of mud. Wellies are no longer just for farmers, with so many fun designs and colours out there now they really are a fashion item that you can’t be without.

2.Denim shorts. A must have fashion item, they’re really cute with long socks and wellies and you can sun your legs without any embarrassing knicker flashing situations.

 3.Sun protection. Again due to the great British weather you never can tell if it’s going to be a scorcher or a wash out either way its better to be safe and have sun protection as you don’t want to be going home from a great weekend with great memories accompanied by sun burn.

4.Makeup wipes. Yes I know they’re the root of all evil but one weekend without your entire skincare stash won’t kill you and after a long day partying it’s better to use a wipe than to leave your makeup on. If you get scented ones they could also double up as a quick body wipe too for a quick freshen up.

5.Sunglasses. As you don’t want to be blinded by the sun if it makes an appearance and not be able to see the stage properly. I love Ray Ban aviators they are the most classically cool glasses for me. Also great in the morning when you first step out your tent after a long night and haven’t yet done makeup. Slip your sunnies on and pop your hood up and you’ll soon be nailing the rockstar image first thing in the morning.

6.Bold eyeshadow palette. This one from Urban Decay would be great for creating some bright festival makeup looks but just consider what application tools you’ll need to take along with you.

7.A hat. Again to keep you protected from the sun but they also look pretty cool. Yes it will get on your nerves when people keep taking it off you as you walk past them but the mix of sun and possible alcohol consumption could lead to sun stroke which is not fun. Also by day 3 your hair will be looking rubbish so you can hide it under a hat.

8.A good neutral eye palette as you can create different looks with the right palette and a plus to taking a palette is they often contain a mirror aswell.

9.Gas curling tongs. These are fab, they don’t need electricity and get really hot using the little gas canister inside. I love these for festivals as they’re so easy to use, you can get up add a few more curls to your hair, tie it up in a messy bun and you’re good to go. They are the best for bed head chic on the go.

10.A hoody. Because it can get quite chilly at times and you don’t want to take anything too bulky. They’re also great for slipping on first thing in the morning when you have to endure the 2 mile hike to the toilet and tea van.

And lastly some kind of hand sanitizer because everything you touch will be pretty disgusting and you will probably be using your hands to eat.

What festivals have you been to or are going to? What are your essentials?

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  1. Great festival picks! Fab tips with each item too :) Facial wipes are a definite top pick I think too xoxo


  2. great pieces:)! please visit me in free time:)