Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Love From November

Hello there lovelies

So it’s now December and the countdown to Christmas begins (eeek!) here’s a roundup of the things I’ve been enjoying throughout November.

Lush Star Light, Star Bright Luxury Bath Melt. I wrote in a post a while ago that I’d never tried any Lush products before until this summer when I tried a bubble bar and now I’m a total Lush addict especially when it comes to their Christmas range. The product I’ve been enjoying most is the star light star bright luxury bath melt. I bought 4 of them at the end of October and I only have 1 left now. I really like the bath melts (actually I love everything I’ve used so far, cinders has to be my absolute favourite though) as they leave skin feeling lovely and conditioned. This one smells so fresh and zesty with lime and ginger it’s really invigorating teamed with my favourite cranberry shower gel (another Christmas product that I like to stock up on) makes for a super festive bath experience. I usually go into a bit of a coma after a bath and literally won’t move for the rest of the night because I’m so relaxed although I’m nicely chilled out after using this one I'm not tired, it really uplifts me. If you’re a bath in the morning sort of person then this is a great product to use I also think it would be a great one to use if you’ve got a cold with the smell of freshly grated ginger clearing the airways. Some people aren’t too keen on the glitter but I love it, I haven’t noticed that I look like a sparkly bauble when I get out the bath anyway.

Rimmel blush in Pink Rose this is a really great budget friendly blush. It has great colour pay off with slight highlighting properties in it, it gives a nice flushed look to the cheeks while remaining subtle and natural and it’s really affordable. Rubbish packaging but a great blush and really tiny for putting in your handbag.

Toni and Guy texturising spray. Recently I’ve been embracing the bed head look, my hair is styled in a short choppy bob but its also really fine and flat, I’ve been enjoying adding some texturising spray to define my layers and make my hair not look so sleek and “done” this is a great lightweight spray with a pleasant scent and doesn’t leave and residue in the hair. It gives just enough texture so hair is left looking like you’ve made the effort without over styling.

Boiron Homeoplasmine. I’ve been using this on my lips at night when they’ve been a bit chapped and I wake up in morning to silky smooth lips. It’s also soothing if lips are feeling a bit sore. This is a multi-purpose product that can be used all over to relieve irritated or dry skin so it’s a great product to have for this time of year.

One Tree Hill I love this series, if you haven’t seen it and you like things like The OC, Gossip Girl and Dawsons Creek then this should be right up your street. It has quite a few tear jerker moments and every time I watch it I fall in love with characters all over again. I was pretty devastated when the series ended but I think all the characters had been taken as far as they could be and it ended on a high rather than being subjected to over kill. This is the only T.V. series that I’ve watched from start to finish and then bought every box set and watched them repeatedly. I’m now on series six and I’ve switched to watching it on Amazon Instant video as it’s easier than faffing around turning the laptop on, finding the DVD and remembering what episode you’re up to.

Mac lipstick in Syrup. This is a really easy colour to wear and adds just that bit more than a neutral lip, it’s a lustre finish so doesn’t have the best staying power but teamed with a lip liner prolongs the wear and mattes it down a bit, it’s also easy to reapply as it’s not a bold colour that you have to be really precise with.

Seche Vite. Now I’m not the best person to comment on the longevity of nail varnishes as I don’t very often get more than two or three days off in a row therefore nail varnish isn’t on my nails very long before I have to remove it (I’m not allowed to wear it for work) but even then it chips but I do have quite “active” hands. I recently had a week off work and really wanted my nail varnish to last and when doing my research on top coats Seche Vite came up time and time again so I decided to go with that one (I’d also read all the bad stuff about it too). I was absolutely blown away by it, my nail varnish lasted a whole 7 days without a single chip and the only reason I took it off was because I was going back to work the following day, I’d love to see how long it lasts without me having to take it off. My nails remained really glossy for the full 7 days they looked liked they’d just been painted all the time. I was dreading removing it though as I was expecting my nails not to be great condition but they were fine and it was easy to remove too. I can’t rave enough about this product, I’m going to Rome at the end of this week so I’ll be painting my nails the day before I go and I have enough confidence that I’m not even going to take nail varnish remover or nail varnish to top up with me.

Quiz up app. This is such a fun app to test your knowledge on different subjects, my speciality is One Tree Hill- yes I’m that sad and that much of a fan but it's so addictive, you think you’ll just have a quick game and before you know it an hour has passed by.

Black Converse. I got these as my white ones aren’t very practical this time of year but I wanted some kind of footwear for when I don’t want to wear boots but still want black shoes, they’re Converse I don’t need to go into detail.

I can’t end this post without addressing the poor quality of my photos, I literally chose the darkest day ever to take photos and had to use my flash for some of them so apologies for that but other than that I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time


  1. Hi there :) I'm addicted to Quiz-up and gosh I haven't watched One Tree Hill in so long!


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