Friday, 31 January 2014

The Benefit of the Doubt

Hello there lovelies.

I was fortunate enough to receive Benefits Hello Flawless foundation for Christmas from my lovely husband (actually he didn’t have much choice, I bought it for myself and he gave me the money back). I got it in the shade believe in me ivory, after being matched to that shade at the counter and it’s a great shade for me. I usually use Benefits You Rebel lite tinted moisturiser but wanted to try something with a bit more coverage for my dull winter skin. I was really looking forward to using it and couldn’t wait to get ready on Christmas day. OMG!! The disappointment. I hated it; it felt nice on application but didn’t give me the finish I was expecting (flawless). It really highlighted little dry patches I had on my face (dreaded winter skin) and just looked awful. I had high expectations for this foundation but they were soon shattered, so I stuck the foundation into my Muji drawer and thought what a waste of money. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give it another go, my skin was better hydrated and I just didn’t like the thought of an expensive product going to waste. I was pleasantly surprised, I applied it with my fingers instead of a brush and the finish was much better so I thought maybe the brush was to blame for my first impressions (I know, I know, a bad workman and all that) but it is definitely better for me when applied using my fingers and using a brush to buff it in around the edges. So I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and although I don’t love it I definitely don’t hate it. The coverage is quite good and can be built up to the desired effect, I still think it highlights any dry patches and although it lasts well when set with powder it does look a bit cakey towards the end of the day. This foundation may look better in the summer when my skin is in better condition and the SPF 25 is a plus. All in all I’m glad I gave it the benefit of the doubt and stuck with it but this is one Benefit product that I probably won’t be repurchasing once it’s used up.

Have you ever used this foundation, what did you think? Have you ever had any bad experiences with foundation?

Until next time stay beauty-full xx


  1. I like this foundation, however do agree with what you said about dry patches - frustrating especially in winter time!
    Great blog post.
    S x

    1. Thankyou. I'm hoping that it will work better in the summer as it feels nice on the skin and blends nicely but maybe not a good for winter skin.

  2. I have a decide sized sample of this and have yet to try it. I may dig it out of my beauty draw and give it a go. Lovely blog by the way. New follower here on your blog, plus the other social media in a non stalker way of course, lol!
    Rachel x

    1. Haha, I'm the same, I like to follow peoples blogs, twitter, instagram and bloglovin' and it makes me feel like a right stalker too. My advice would be to prep the skin well before using this foundation, make sure it's well moisturised, and don't use to much to start with. Thanks for following xx