Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pick Of The Week 1: London Bound

Hello there lovelies.


So every Sunday I thought I would post my Pick Of The Week (POTW). This can be anything under the sun, a makeup product, a T.V. programme, something I’ve done, ANYTHING, every week something will be awarded my POTW for me to tell you about.

This week it’s my trip to London. I’m fortunate that the train journey into London is really straightforward, so I cosied up with my book ready to endure the hour and a half journey. I love our countries capital, my main reason for going to London was of course shopping and to see my best friend (MissM), she made the move a few years ago for uni and now she’s there I get to combine my favourite things, shopping, food and her.

First stop was Topshop as it’s easily located across the road from the tube. Surprisingly I came out empty handed, nothing jumped out and screamed buy me. Next stop was Selfridges, I love Selfridges, its my favourite shop in the world, I love the atmosphere in there and the history of the place. It also holds a special place in my heart as my granddad always used to tell me about when he was a bus driver (He drove the number 73 bus, a proper open back old fashioned one with a conductor). At Christmas time he would stop outside Selfridges and they would bring him out a Christmas pudding. I still feel a pang in my heart every time I see a number 73 bus driving down Oxford Street. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy so headed straight for the makeup counters of Nars and Shu Uemura. After Selfridges it was Primark. I hate the Primark down Oxford Street its always so busy and disorganised, I picked up some bits for my mums birthday and some clothing items for me, just a jumper, shirt, trousers and socks, nothing exciting though. As I couldn’t get the Nars concealer I wanted in Selfridges I tried John Lewis- no luck but the staff were so helpful and offered to phone Liberty and Fenwick for me to see if my shade (vanilla) was in stock there. Off to Fenwick- out of stock but I did manage to get the Nars albatross highlighter so not a wasted journey. Then I went to Liberty, another beautiful building steeped in history, where I got the Escentric molecule 01 fragrance and a Diptyque candle in baies. I then hopped on the tube to Covent Garden and was quite alarmed when I stepped out the station to be faced with a street performer dressed as Punch (I’ve just read Rivers of London, if you’ve read it you’ll understand). I headed to Mac to get a new eyeshadow quad because you can never have enough Mac eyeshadows. I saved the best till last- Space NK, such a pretty shop and the staff are lovely. I came out happy having just purchased Nars sheer glow foundation, Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, Nars deep throat blusher and another Diptyque candle in mimosa, which smells just like The Body Shops moringa range which I love.

By this time my bank card was feeling rather hot from being used so much and I was freezing cold, a bit wet and very windswept, so I headed back to the Piazza to meet MissM for dinner. I couldn’t resist a quick stop at Whittards for some very yummy sounding caramel and sea salt and strawberry and clotted cream biscuits though. For our dinner we went to Wagamamas and it was yum, just what I needed as I was beginning to get the shakes from lugging round my bags of loot. We then both went to Westfields but by the time we got there all I could do was sit, my feet hurt and my arms ached so that’s all we did, sit and talk. It got to about 8.30 and I decided I should start making my way home. On the train home I kept having sneaky peeks into my bags to see what I’d got, I’d wanted this stuff for ages and now it was mine, long sigh out and smile. So that’s this weeks POTW and a pretty good one at that, next weeks pick is going to seem a bit rubbish compared to that.

So what have you bought for yourself lately? Have you tried any of the things I bought? What did you think?

Until next time stay beauty-full xx

P.S. I'm sorry about the dodgy looking border thing around the pictures, it's the only way I could work out how to put pictures side by side. If you now another way please let me know as this looks awful xx


  1. What a lovely blog you've got here!
    I haven't bought anything this weekend in anticipation of forthcoming splurges this and nest week. Yesterday at Fenwick Newcastle a couple of new LE Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers became mine: check out my casual swatches @cautiousferocious on IG. By the way, thank you for liking the IG image of my collection of makeup brushes. Next on my shopping list are the four new Real Techniques brushes. I have also booked in for a makeup makeover at SpaceNK Event on 13th February for a Sew Lomax goodie bag with >£75 purchase: got my eyes on three ByTerry Ombre Blackstar pens.
    Looking forward to your next blogpost. xoxo

    1. Thankyou lovely. Lots of saving to be done. I'm saving for my next purchases too, I've a wishlist as long as my leg. I was eyeing up the By Terry lipglosses in SpaceNK last week but Diptyque won in the end. I'll be sure to follow you on IG.