Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hello there lovelies

This weeks POTW is when I went to see Fall Out Boy on Thursday night. Get ready for a bit of a gushy post- I don’t often use the word awesome in everyday life other than when describing myself (hmmm) but Fall Out Boy are AWESOME. I’m a die hard FOB fan and have been for many years, I absolutely love them and have been to quite a few of their gigs in small venues like Hammersmith Apollo to the big arenas like The O2 and Wembley and they never disappoint. Their stage presence is amazing and Patrick Stumps voice blows me away every time I hear it. I’ve been disappointed in the past when seeing live bands through lack of stage presence and atmosphere but never by Fall Out Boy. I think this was the first time I’d seen them since 2009 and they just get better and better.

If you haven’t heard of Fall Out Boy or heard their music just go onto iTunes and listen to the samples. Pete Wentz is a lyrical genius. They really know how to put on a show too, they don’t just stand there and belt out a couple of top tunes they throw themselves around the stage with their instruments and really are full of energy until the very last note is played. They seem to have an older fan base (looks at self) too which is nice, their fans have stuck by them and followed them through to the present even though they had a few years off from FOB to explore individual projects but they always said they haven’t split up and will be back and they stuck to their word which I think earned them a great deal of respect. I understand that this type of music isn’t to everyone’s taste but it absolutely is my taste, I love rock emo type music and these 4 are the best in the industry. They are in a different league to the bands of today they are the masters and they know how to entertain their fans. The atmosphere in the arena was electric and everyone was buzzing waiting for them to come on. Towards the end they used clever diversion tactics to divert our attention to a clip being played on the big screen then they appeared on a small stage in the middle of the arena and played a few acoustic numbers, which was brilliant, they’ve never played acoustic when I’ve seen them before and it really shows off Patricks voice.

Whenever I see them live I fall in love with them all over again and Thursday was no exception. It just cements their music further into my heart and it’s just a reminder of how truly great they are at what they do. I’m just desperate to see them again now. If you’re a FOB fan and you haven’t seen them live you really must try to one day and if you’re not a fan just give their music a listen as you may just find a new love. To be honest this isn’t just my Pick Of The Week but my pick of the year.

I hope they continue to tour and as long I can get tickets I will always be there showing my support and appreciation for the fantastic music produced by 4 blokes from across the pond. FALL OUT BOY- Thnks fr th Mmrs.


In the middle of the arena.

I apologise for the poor picture quality, I only had my phone and the pictures really don’t do anything justice. Although we was quite far from the stage we had a totally unobstructed view but my phone just wouldn’t pick anything up.

What music do you like? Are you a major fan of any bands?

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  1. Aw wow, that sound amazing. Their most recent album has been on repeat for me recently, so I am seriously jealous! Their older stuff makes me so nostalgic! xx

    1. I really like their new album but no album will make me feel like From Under The Cork Tree does, it brings back so many amazing memories. I absolutely love them and could just watch them perform everyday. xx